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From producer J.J. Abrams comes his latest television show, following the success of Felicity, Alias, and Lost. Fringe debuts in August on FOX… and it looks damn good.

David Cook beat out David Archuleta by 12 million votes, apparently. Cook garnered 56% of the nearlt 98 million audience votes cast. Still, the best part of the show was Reynaldo Lapuz, who’s still crazy.

Towleroad: Portland elects openly gay mayor Sam Adams.

AP: Oil spikes to $134. Yay.

Daily Kos: Gambian President wants to kill all the gays. Seriously.

CNN: “Smiley Face Killer” may be stalking college men.

New York Daily News: DC grieves Kennedy cancer news.

Washington Post: Lebanon’s rival factions agreed Wednesday to end the country’s political crisis in a deal that enhances the standing of the Iranian-backed militant group Hezbollah and paves the way for filling the vacant presidency.

Rachel Maddow may be the smartest talking head on teevee…

Towleroad: American Idol finale tonight. And David won.

New York Times: McCain to meet with Gov. Bobby Jindahl (R-LA), Gov. Charlie Crist (R-FL) and former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) as he starts up his veepstakes process.

Oy Gevalt!

I shit you not.