Obama Taps Caroline Kennedy To VP Search Committee

AP: Barack Obama pivoted quickly to the general election campaign for the White House on Wednesday, naming a three-person team including Caroline Kennedy to lead his search for a running mate while expressing confidence that the Democratic Party would soon unify after a bruising battle for the presidential nomination.”I’m very confident of how we’re going to be able to bring the party together,” Obama said after a brief conversation with Hillary Rodham Clinton, his vanquished rival.

Campaign officials said Kennedy, who is the daughter of the late President John F. Kennedy, as well as former Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder and longtime Washington insider Jim Johnson have already begun compiling information on potential running mates. They disclosed no names.

  1. Robert Olson, M.D.

    Sorry Hillary. You are disqualified as VP by your assassination statements about Bobby Kennedy and Barack Obama. Barack deserves loyalty and stability within the White House. Inbox X
    robert olson to letters, oped, bcc: me
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    4 June 2008

    SORRY HILLARY. Your comments about assassination of Bobby Kennedy and your “wishful thinking” about Obama dying in office have excluded you as VP. Barack deserves better.

    Obama needs someone(and their cronies) he trusts and do not gain if Barack is “assassinated” while running or in office, and 2. someone that is qualified to be Plresident.

    What killed Camelot? In times of great hope? Times to great promise? What went wrong?

    How could the death of one man so drastically change the direction of an entire nation? Change American history? World history? Just by the death of one man? The death of Camelot? Did JFK get his first 100 days? Will Obama get his first 100 days?

    Brokered Democratic Convention? 2 strong-willed strongly backed political leaders. Conflicted politics? Conflicted backers? Powerful sheer forces?. Huge money interests? To be gained or lost? Conflict of cronies? Conflicted politics? Conflicted backers? Do political compromises have consequences?

    2 leaders with different strong-willed backers? Different moneyed agendas? Different motivated cronies? Different money interests? Different powerful cronies with different goals?

    What went wrong? What killed Camelot? Why? What set in motion the death of Camelot? Who had the most to gain in killing Camelot? What cronies had the most to gain? Huge dollars at stake. At risk?

    How could the death of one person change the course of a nation? Change a world of hope and promise of greater peace and freedom, into a world clouded by war, destruction and death? At what cost?

    Yes 2 strong leaders. Sheer forces inside the White House? Different allegiances? Different goals?

    One an idealist, briefly filling a divided hurting world with hope. Of a better days ahead? More united? More free? Did JFK get more than his first 100 days?

    The other a pragmatist. The consummate politician. An opportunist? Strongly supported by power interests? Money interests.? Military profits? Controlled by cronyism as real as a Texas longhorn? The military industrial complex? Huge money to be gained? To be lost?

    Yes sheer forces? Inside our White House. Were they set in motion at a brokered Democratic Convention? Deal making behind closed doors? What was gained? What was lost?

    Could a brokered Democratic Convention, be the ultimate destruction of Camelot? Impossible?

    Barack, just say no to Hillary!

    Great win. We will take it all this fall. I sense a “mutiny” of sorts if you chose Hillary. Watch your back Barack, dangers can come from within as JFK history unfortunately reveals. Pick a VP your trust, will keep your confidences, wants you to fulfill your full 8 years, and is also qualified to be VP. The choice belongs to you only. No one else.

    Please just say no in a “face-saving” way to Hillary. An Obama/Clinton ticket even if successful may place you in the same position JFK found himself back in the 1960s and with some of the same risks to your longevity and legacy.

    In my humble opinion, someone of the stature internationally of a Joe Biden, or political savvy of Charlie Schummer, or Hispanic roots of Bill Richardson are people that come to my mind. Locking in the Hispanic vote will secure the Democratic Presidency and Democratic control of Congress for the next 30 years. Personally, I do not feel you would have anything to “fear” from within the White House of any of the 3 of these men, especially Joe Biden and Bill Richardson.

    Robert Olson, M.D.

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