Obama wins nomination, CNN projects

CNN: Sen. Barack Obama has clinched the Democratic nomination for president, according to CNN estimates, making him the first African-American in U.S. history to lead a major-party ticket.

MSNBC: Projects Clinton victory in South Dakota, Obama wins Montana.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell: Hillary wants to meet face-to-face with Obama to discuss what’s next.

MSNBC’s Tim Russert: According to sources close to Bill Clinton, Hillary wants to be on the ticket.

  1. Since that last debate, it’s obvious the game is over.
    So, here’s my pick for the new cabinet. What’s yours?

    Secretary of State: Christopher Dodd, senior statesman
    Treasury Secretary: Paul Krugman, Nobel prize in economics
    Secretary of Defense: Wesley Clark, clear vision in Iraq
    Homeland Security: Richard Clark, counter-terrorism expert fired by Bush just before 9/11
    Attorney General: Henry Waxman, investigated abuses by Bush cabinet
    Press secretary: David Gregory, one of the few reporters with real questions
    Senior White House Advisor: David Gergen, expert analyst
    Chief of Staff: Dennis Kucinich, great idea man

    On the lighter side:

    Veterans Affairs: Cindy Sheehan
    Housing & Urban Development: Al Sharpton
    Special Assignments:
    – Karl Rove, Envoy to Zimbabwe
    – Rush Limbaugh, Envoy to Somalia
    – George Bush, new solid waste management czar

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