Lou Dobbs Attacks Obama On Flagpin

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  1. I dont feel bad for Obama at all on this. He is the one who made it an issue in the first place.

  2. Actually, he didn’t. The original question came in an interview with KCRG-TV in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in which he explained he wanted to show his patriotism through action, rather than displaying it on his sleeve.

    Slapping a “We Support The Troops” sticker on your bumper or wearing a pin on your lapel doesn’t exactly help supporting the troops in a tangible way. Finding a way to help the troops legislatively, by working on lifting up vet hospitals, working to create a new GI Bill, ensuring that our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, and around the world, have the training and materials needed to keep them safe… those are the things that define his patriotism.

    – Plainsman Politico
    PS: Great site. Love to know more about how to expland my site. I’m entirely new at this. =)

  3. asia30360

    Obama is a bad choice for everyone except for blacks. People will realize this when blacks take all the positions of power and enslave non-blacks. This is why blacks voted for him. They have been waiting for this moment for many years.

  4. Wow.

    That’s bold. Why exactly do you think the half-white, half-black son on a Kenyan whose family was never enslaved, and was raised by his white mother and grandparents from Kansas (and lived in Hawaii and Indonesia during his upbringing no less) would do this?

    And, while I’m at it. I hate to shock you. But alot of white, Latino, and Asian voters cast their votes for Obama too.

    Wanna clarify, my friend?

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