TowleRoad: Yesterday posted an update on Northern Ireland DUP MP Iris Robinson, the UK’s very own Sally Kern, who said that gays can be cured of their homosexuality and advised them to seek therapy.

The remarks prompted political party Sinn Fein to call for her resignation and for the activist group Outrage! to call on people to start outing members of Robinson’s Democratic Unionist party. Like Kern, she seems to wallow in the attention her bigotry brings her. Robinson is now comparing gay people to murderers!

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  1. romach

    I moved from N.Ireland 8 years ago to live in England. I am glad I don’t live there any more especially when they let a bigot like her hold such an office. She is a complete embarrassment to the people of Northern Ireland.

  2. mcgiffert

    The sons and daughters of Northern Ireland are far and away past the half-way covenant our Puritan forebears induced with their Scarlet-Letter theology. Indeed, because of religious bigotry and violence, few of them have any interest in being Anglcan, Presbyterian, or Catholic. They want to be Irish, God bless them.

  1. 1 Sinn Fein Outs Bigots « Mcgiffert’s Weblog

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