I Lost A Friend

I’m a bit sad today, with the unexpected news of Tim Russert’s sudden passing. As a student of politics and journalism, I had great respect for Russert’s ability to take on the topical news of the moment, and be as objective and fair as he was. He was the pinnacle of fair journalism in the American media, with his ridiculously tough grillings of countless politicians and newsmakers.

As a total news junkie, I’m sad that I won’t see him again (for a bit), in what has become an amazing year in politics. I watched with heartbreak today the coverage of Russert’s death. How painful to watch the reactions from Olbermann, Brokaw, Matthews, Fineman, Robinson, Mitchell, Todd. And how poignant to realize, with his deep connection with Big Russ, he left us on Father’s Day Weekend.

I, for one, will miss an incredible journalist and student of politics… A stand-up guy. But most of all, a lover of life.

The Plainsman Politico extends its condolences to his family, the NBC family, and anyone who watches politics, because we’ve been left with a huge vacuum that simply cannot be replaced.

(PS: Go Bills!)

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