God Hates Fags: Westboro Baptist Church Pickets Gay Marriages in San Francisco

These people are just sheer comedy.

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  1. Pavlov's Cat

    I have a question. What is the definition of psychotic?
    If someone creates something for the purpose of hating it, or to destroy it for no reason, is that an act of a psychotic?

    If god created homosexuality and homosexuals (if god created all things – then god must have created homosexuality), and god hates homosexuals and wishes them dead (according to the Westboro Wingnuts), then by that rationale, god must be psychotic…!

    I cannot believe in a psychotic god.

  2. digirati99

    God must also hate people from Myanamar, Tibetans, innocent children, folks in the mid-west who lost homes, family members and crops to flooding, teenagers who drive, innocent Americans who did nothing except go to work on the morning of 9/11 yaddah yaddah, etc. geez. That broad needs to get a life.

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