Okay, its an obvious no-brainer.

Karl Rove is the most deceitful man in politics since Lee Atwater. And frankly, he might give Atwater a run for his money. Scott McClellan is obviously trying to save face, to a certain extent. He painfully shifted and shuddered in front of the WH Press Corp during his time as WH Press Secretary, and with good reason. What little he did, or did now know, he was simply thrown to the wolves to dance like a bird on a wire for the national press.

I felt bad for him when I watched him on C-SPAN during his tenure. He was clearly uncomfortable, but still trying to go to bat for a president who values loyalty more than truth, apparently.

Karl Rove has plenty of seedy ties when it comes to the prosecution of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, who’s been released from prison, and likely is not going to go back since that case is so ridiculously absurd. Check out donsiegelman.com for more.In the interests of fairness, I will acknowledge that I served as a staffer under Don Siegelman while he served as Alabama Governor from 2000-2001.

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