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Fishbowl America Round-Up for July 9th:

The McCain campaign had 60-year-old librarian Carol Kreck fined and thrown out of his Denver town hall. It seems the crazy lady was holding a sign that said Bush=McCain.

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Fishbowl America Round-Up for July 6th from 01:20 to 02:00:

AP: The Wisconsin Democratic Party is trying to strip a woman of her position as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. That’s after she told a newspaper she would vote for Republican Senator John McCain for president in November.

…When Clinton bowed out of the race last weekend, she urged her supporters to do all they can to elect Obama. But Bartoshevich told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Clinton was treated unfairly by the party and she has deep reservations about Obama’s experience, so she’ll vote for McCain.The report caused quite a stir at the state Democratic convention. The party members voted to ask the national party’s credentials committee to refuse to seat her at the convention.

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Democratic Convention Watch: Senator Barack Obama today appointed Matthew Nugen, the campaign’s political director, to serve as his designee to the Democratic National Convention Committee. Nugen will arrive in Denver on Monday to begin working with DNCC staff and the Host Committee.

As the campaign’s political director, Nugen served as chief liaison to elected officials, labor groups, and political leaders over the course of the16-month primary. In his new role, he will be responsible for coordinating convention operations for Senator Obama, our Party’s presumptive nominee.

The superdelegate flood for presumptive Democratic Party nominee Barack Obama continues: