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OR: The Chamber of Commerce (yep, you read that right) released a poll showing Gordon Smith barely squeaking by Jeff Merkley 38-34.

AK: The good folks at MyDD continue their series profiling the MyDD Road to 60 list.

CO: Remember this ad from the DSCC? Well, turns out it was right on – tonight Schaffer’s benefiting from a big fundraiser sponsored by the Ukrainian-Americans for Bob Schaffer 2008.

NC: Shock! Apparently being a big-name Republican isn’t such an asset when everyone hates Republicans.

TX: Rick Noriega has a great post on the HuffPo talking about his two weeks training soldiers.

GA (1 and 2): Jim Martin launches his first ad of the cycle while Kos talks about his chances in the Hill.

NJ: Lautenberg is up 45-28 on Dick Zimmer.

Politico: Bob Dole yesterday sent a scalding e-mail to Scott McClellan, excoriating the former White House spokesman as a “miserable creature” who greedily betrayed his former patron for a fast buck.

In an extraordinary message obtained and authenticated by Politico, Dole uses his trademark biting wit to portray McClellan as a classic Washington opportunist.

From Rasmussen:

  • Alabama Senate: Sessions (R) 62% Figures (D) 29%
  • Alaska Senate: Begich (D) 47% Stevens (R) 45%
  • Colorado Senate: Udall (D) 47% Schaffer (R) 41%
  • Kansas Senate: Roberts (R) 52% Slattery (D) 40%
  • Kentucky Senate: Lunsford (D) 49% McConnell (R) 44%
  • Maine Senate: Collins (R) 52% Allen (D) 42%
  • Michigan Senate: Levin (D) 54% Hoogendyk (R) 37%
  • Minnesota Senate: Coleman (R) 47% Franken (D) 45%
  • Mississippi Senate: Cochran (R) 58% Fleming (D) 35%
  • Mississippi Senate: Musgrove (D) 47% Wicker (R) 46%
  • Nebraska Senate: Johanns (R) 55% Kleeb (D) 40%
  • New Hampshire Senate: Shaheen (D) 50% Sununu (R) 43%
  • North Carolina Senate: Hagan (D) 48% Dole (R) 47%
  • Texas Senate: Cornyn (R) 47% Noriega (D) 43%
  • Virginia Senate: Warner (D) 55% Gilmore (R) 37%