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Details: The first thing you notice about Bobby Jindal—everyone says this—is how damn young he looks. Stick him next to John McCain, however, and his appearance skews toward the pubescent. It’s a sun-blasted, sweat-stained late-April day in New Orleans, and Jindal—102 days into his term as the governor of Louisiana, and just 36 years into a life that’s looking increasingly politically charmed—is walking beside McCain down Caffin Avenue in the city’s blighted Lower Ninth Ward. The neighborhood’s few remaining residents—easily outnumbered by the hordes of National Guardsmen and political aides and the reporters sequestered in the flat beds of two National Guard trucks—are out on their porches, with arms folded, observing this odd promenade. McCain’s giant, gleaming bus (“the Straight,” as his aides call it) looks like an alien spacecraft idling beside the scruffy Caffin Avenue median.


Politico: The Democratic race isn’t even formally over, but the political media establishment has already moved on to the next stage.

With word leaking last week about Barack Obama’s choice of a vetter and a closely scrutinized weekend visit to John McCain’s ranch by three potential running mates, the veepstakes and all its breathless speculation is front and center.

New York Times: McCain to meet with Gov. Bobby Jindahl (R-LA), Gov. Charlie Crist (R-FL) and former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) as he starts up his veepstakes process.