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Fishbowl America Round-Up for July 9th:

Politics1: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton hold their first unity event on Friday in — fittingly — Unity, New Hampshire. Also, conservative columnist Robert Novak reports that former Secretary of State Colin Powell is poised to break with GOP and endorse Obama for President some time this summer. Meanwhile, here are the latest independent polls from swing states:

COLORADO (Quinnipiac University): Obama – 49%, McCain – 44%.
MICHIGAN (Quinnipiac University): Obama – 48%, McCain – 42%.
MINNESOTA (Quinnipiac University): Obama – 54%, McCain – 37%.

MISSISSIPPI (Rasmussen): McCain 50%, Obama – 44%.
TENNESSEE (Rasmussen): McCain 51%, Obama – 36%.

TEXAS (Texas Lyceum): McCain – 43%, Obama – 38%.
WISCONSIN (Quinnipiac University): Obama – 52%, McCain – 39%.


COLORADO (Quinnipiac University): Mark Udall (D) – 48%, Bob Schaffer (R) – 38%.
MINNESOTA (Quinnipiac University): Norm Coleman (R) – 51%, Al Franken (D) – 41%.
MISSISSIPPI – REGULAR ELECTION (Rasmussen): Thad Cochran (R) – 59%, Erik Fleming (D) – 32%.
MISSISSIPPI – SPECIAL ELECTION (Rasmussen): Roger Wicker (R) – 48%, Ronnie Musgrove (D) – 47%.
NEW JERSEY (Fairleigh Dickinson University): Frank Lautenberg (D) – 48%, Dick Zimmer (R) – 28%.
TEXAS (Texas Lyceum): John Cornyn (R) – 38%, Rick Noriega (D) – 36%.

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Politico: John McCain portrayed her as a trailblazing model for aspring female politicians yesterday and now one of his top surrogates and vice-presidential prospects is taking the next natural step and promising that they’ll compete for Hillary Clinton’s supporters.

“I think many of those voters are going to consider and support Senator McCain,” said Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty in an afternoon conference calldesigned to prebut Obama’s speech tonight in St. Paul.

Pawlenty even compared the two senators, saying they shared important traits of experience and tenacity.

“They see and saw in Senator Clinton somebody they value experience in and, in many cases — in terms of her personal characteristics — her persistence and strength,” the governor said of Clinton’s backers. “Many of those same characteristics and more are in Senator McCain. So we think he’s going to be able to compete for Senator Clinton’s supporters to a significant degree when and if she terminates her campaign.”

From Rasmussen:

  • Alabama Senate: Sessions (R) 62% Figures (D) 29%
  • Alaska Senate: Begich (D) 47% Stevens (R) 45%
  • Colorado Senate: Udall (D) 47% Schaffer (R) 41%
  • Kansas Senate: Roberts (R) 52% Slattery (D) 40%
  • Kentucky Senate: Lunsford (D) 49% McConnell (R) 44%
  • Maine Senate: Collins (R) 52% Allen (D) 42%
  • Michigan Senate: Levin (D) 54% Hoogendyk (R) 37%
  • Minnesota Senate: Coleman (R) 47% Franken (D) 45%
  • Mississippi Senate: Cochran (R) 58% Fleming (D) 35%
  • Mississippi Senate: Musgrove (D) 47% Wicker (R) 46%
  • Nebraska Senate: Johanns (R) 55% Kleeb (D) 40%
  • New Hampshire Senate: Shaheen (D) 50% Sununu (R) 43%
  • North Carolina Senate: Hagan (D) 48% Dole (R) 47%
  • Texas Senate: Cornyn (R) 47% Noriega (D) 43%
  • Virginia Senate: Warner (D) 55% Gilmore (R) 37%