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Last month, the Sydney Morning Herald announced that Australian Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham had come out of the closet, but Mitcham, in a new interview with Australia’s gay newspaper SX, says he’s been out since he’s 14. Mitcham, who will be Australia’s first openly gay Olympian when he competes in Beijing, is now 20.

Sheer beauty from Twitch and Kherington from this week’s “So You Think You Can Dance.” Mia Michaels ‘always has the best SYTYCD routines.

Sneaky snapshots from Prince Harry’s tour of Iraq Afghanistan are surfacing.


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CNN: Don’t get Jason Mraz talking about his avocado farm. You’ll never get around to speaking about his music.

Jason Mraz isn’t just a singer and songwriter — he’s also a proud avocado farmer.

When the San Diego singer-songwriter was in Los Angeles promoting his new album, “We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things,” he couldn’t hide his excitement about his five-acre orchard.

“I do sell my avocados,” he told CNN. “I mean, they don’t have a sticker on them that say that these are from the Mraz Farms, but I moved into an area that all of us are avocado farmers. My trees are 25-30 years old and, two or three times a year, [workers] come through and they pick ’em all. Believe me, our kitchen is just like decked out with them. We’re constantly washing them, we’re eating them and we’re giving them to all our friends.”

Mraz says he makes a great guacamole. But he’s even prouder of his “Chocomole” — a healthy chocolate mousse made with avocados.

He says the creamy texture of the avocados will trick your tastebuds into thinking it’s a traditional dessert.

“You will freak when you try this chocolate mousse. There’s no sugar in it, there’s no soy products in it, there’s no tofu. You’re just eating a raw chocolate mousse,” he said.

All around the world, vegans are salivating. Here’s the recipe — straight from the secret recipe file in Jason’s avocado-shaped noggin.

Mraz’s Chocomole Recipe:

Note: This will make a huge bowl big enough for a family of four. You’ll want to share this with friends.

Mash up 5 ripened avocados

Add 1 – 2 cups of chopped or blended dates

1 soft cup of raw cacao

1 easy cup of raw carob powder

1 tbsp. vanilla

Add a few long pours of agave nectar to sweeten to liking

Then add half cups of cocoa and keep adding until chocolate taste is right. Careful not to overdo it — if you add too much, it can get bitter.

You will love.